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Different Markets

Talaad Thai boasts 21 individual wholesale markets, selling a variety of fresh and dry goods. You can also view a map of all our markets and read about each one in detail.

There are four markets devoted to proteins at Talaad Thai, all located a short distance from each other. You can find both fresh and frozen meats and poultry, either locally sourced or imported. In addition to seafood like shrimp and crabs, we also sell locally grown and caught freshwater fish like snakehead fish, catfish and eel.

Our Seasonal Fruit Ground Market is the largest individual market at Talaad Thai, where products rotate according to what is locally available and in season. Talaad Thai is also the home of the largest citrus market in Thailand, the Orange market, where you will find all varieties of local citrus. Located next to this is the Mixed Fruit market which trades in local and imported fruits. On the opposite end of Talaad Thai you will find our Watermelon market where we sell melons sourced from all over Thailand, and our Coconut market which specialises in young and ripe coconuts.

We have two large areas devoted to vegetables at Talaad Thai. In particular our Vegetable Ground Market is the largest undercover wholesale trading area for vegetables in Thailand, where vegetables are traded from dawn til dusk in a unique space that can accommodate vehicles loading and unloading directly onto the trading floor. Connected to the trading ground is the Vegetable Building, which sells vegetables with a longer shelf life like chillis, garlic, pumpkins and gourds in addition to vegetables sourced from colder climates.

All varieties of locally grown rice and grains can be found at Talaad Thai at our Rice Market. Other local farm crops available at Talaad Thai include corn, taro, sweet potato, beans and nuts from every region of Thailand.

At either end of Talaad Thai we have areas that trade in both local and imported plants and flowers. In these markets you will also find all kinds of garden accessories, flower garlands and wreaths as well as Buddhist artifacts.

There are several areas at Talaad Thai that trade in a variety of dry foods. Some markets sell all manner of dried foods from Thailand like dried shrimps and fish, while others sell pastries and breads. We also have many wholesale traders who sell general food merchandise like flour, sugar and cooking oils to the food service sector in Thailand.

In addition to wholesale food markets, we have several wholesalers on site that sell other goods. These include clothes, auto accessories, household products, glassware, and pets.