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Talaad Thai is committed to reducing our carbon footprint and electricity consumption.  We have implemented a number of projects to this end, and have several more under consideration.

Water Treatment and Flood Prevention
Talaad Thai continues to invest in water infrastructure and flood protection.

A reliable water supply is essential to the activity at Talaad Thai. We have three water treatment plants on site that process 900 cubic metres of water per day, which is then recycled for use in the market.

Flood prevention is important for the market to function in the heavy rainfall during Thailand’s wet season. Our flood prevention system pumps discharge water into the public drainage system, preventing flooding in the market and thus avoiding the disruption of business and the health and safety problems caused by flooding.

Talaad Thai is in the process of relamping the entire market, switching from metal halide and fluorescent lights to more energy efficient LED lights. LED lights are eco-friendly as they contain no toxic materials and greatly reduce energy consumption.

Renewable Energy
Given that Talaad Thai generates 200 metric tonnes of organic waste per day, there is a real opportunity to make use of a waste treatment plant. An on site waste treatment facility would convert this organic waste into methane gas, and use that gas to power generators to produce electricity for the market.

Another renewable energy source being researched by Talaad Thai is solar energy. The roofs of buildings at Talaad Thai are exposed to direct sunlight every day. This large surface area can be used to generate additional electricity for the market by installing integrated solar panelling in the roofs of our new buildings.

Feasibility studies for integrated solar panelling and for a waste treatment plant are currently being conducted.