Sustainable Project

Talaad Thai – An Environmentally Aware Business

The environmental impact of our business is top of mind and all buildings and upgrades take careful consideration of our carbon footprint and impact on the community and wider environment.

Water Treatment and Flood Prevention

We operate 3 waste water plants at Talaad Thai ensuring all water is treated before being discharged into the public system.

Since 2016 we have added 3 water recycling plants and reduced the water consumption of this very large site by 80%.

Significant drainage infrastructure upgrades have been completed and powerful pumping stations added to ensure no flooding during the monsoon season.

Renewable Energy

Talaad Thai has a 2 prong approach to energy – reduce consumption and increase renewables!!

LED lights have been installed across the entire 1 million sq metre site and new refrigeration systems focus on reducing electricity use. New buildings at Talaad Thai support solar panels.

In addition, we are studying the technology options for converting our daily waste stream (200 MT) into methane gas and then electricity.

Installation of energy-saving light bulbs

Talaad Thai is now in the process of installing new light bulbs in the market especially by changing from metal halide and neon light bulbs to be LED, which is more effective, suitable, and environmentally friendly without hazardous substance. It can sustainably reduce energy consumption.

Electric post and wiring sight-improvement

This is another project which Talaad Thai wants to do in the future to provide safety and secure energization system to support the expansion of electricity demand. It will also create a nice view around the 30-meter long road within the market.