International Fruit Market and Container Market

Market InformationThis new complex supports the trade of all imported fruits in the largest and most modern trading pavilion in the AEC region.

The 2 separate buildings are:

The International Fruits Market – a pavilion with 56 separate cold storage chambers and around 50 traders offering fresh imported fruits from all over the world. Buyers can find apples, oranges, Hamigua melon, imported strawberries, cherries, grapes, kiwi fruit, persimmon and pomegranate as well as exotic fruits that can be found nowhere else in Thailand.

The Container Market – a modern trading platform for large volumes of fruits to be traded directly from the back of containers. This market trades around 10,000 shipping containers per year of imported fruit.

Operating hours and facilities

  •   Opening every day for 24 hours
  •   Customer service open every for 24 hours
  •   Good loading point
  •   Parking area and parking building for buyers
  •   Parking lane for container trucks
  •   Toilet

Market Plan

Market Location