Our History
International Standard Contamination Testing Laboratory

The Thai Market's laboratory has been certified by the Department of Medical Sciences, Ministry of Public Health, to issue certificates for pesticide residue testing in vegetables and fruits using the GT-Pesticide Residual test kit. 

Wastewater Treatment and Flood Prevention System

The TalaadThai Market continually invests in water infrastructure and flood prevention systems. There are currently three wastewater treatment plants in the area, capable of treating 900 cubic meters of water per day. The treated water is recycled for use within the market, including cleaning purposes.

Safety Technology for Well-being

Our company implements safety measures to protect customers and businesses, following occupational health and safety standards, emphasizing the importance of both life and property safety.

The "TalaadThai" Closed-Loop Recycling Initiative for Sustainable Plastics

The TalaadThai Market has launched the "Closed-Loop Recycling" initiative, where plastics are collected, recycled, and transformed into new products for market operations, such as stain-resistant fabrics and woven bags.

Create "Pak Ruamjai, Safe Vegetables" traceability

Project to raise the level of agricultural products, GAP, organic agriculture Aims to support farmers who cultivate and produce safe quality vegetables, fruits, herbs, spices and processed products. to be able to use marketing to lead production And can compete with general products in the market to generate sustainable income for farmers

Community Hospital "Caring Together" and Vaccination Program for Customers, Employees, and Laborers

TalaadThai has opened a 700-bed community hospital, "Caring Together," and organized the registration and administration of the Sinovac vaccine for traders, employees, and laborers to reduce disease severity, lower mortality rates, and enhance community immunity.

TalaadThai’s Mobile Fresh Food Delivery for the "Stay Home to Fight against COVID-19" project

The "TalaadThai Helps Thailand Fight COVID-19" project provides low-cost fresh and dry food delivered by mobile stalls directly to people's residences. It aims to assist Thai citizens residing in temporary accommodations, those affected by job disruptions or unemployment, and farmers across the country.

Solar Roof Project for Environmental Sustainability

The TalaadThai Market building, with over 160,000 square meters of roof space, has installed a 2 MW solar roof system to generate electricity from sunlight. This initiative reduces pollution and contributes to Thailand's economic development. 

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