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Hub of high-spending buyers from all over the country
Group of top-tier merchants ready to sell all types of products
Complete distribution channels are available, both offline and online
Professional logistics are provided to pick up from farm
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How many types of products are sold at TalaadThai, and which products sell well?

TalaadThai is a large wholesale agricultural product distribution center that covers a wide variety of product categories, including Thai fruits, seasonal fruits, imported fruits, local vegetables, imported vegetables, meat, fish and seafood, snacks and dry goods, flowers and accessories, plants and pets, and various other products.


We recommend that you ensure your products meet the standard quality requirements and are aligned with the current market trends and consumer preferences. Products that align with consumer demand and market trends are more likely to sell well and gain popularity compared to other product types.

Is there a minimum quantity requirement for offering products for sale?

There is no minimum quantity requirement for offering products for sale. However, we recommend having a sufficient quantity of products that can fill a full truckload for cost-effective transportation on each occasion. It's also advisable to have a consistent and continuous supply of products throughout the season or year to attract the interest of TalaadThai traders who can help sell your products.

When presenting your products to TalaadThai, where will the products be sold?

Once TalaadThai receives information about your products and assesses their potential and feasibility, we will provide recommendations and coordinate with you for various distribution channels:

  • Building relationships with TalaadThai traders who are interested in your products. The format of the trade may vary depending on mutual agreements such as direct sales, consignment, joint investment, profit sharing, and more.
  • Participating in retail product sales on the "TalaadThai Online" app developed by TalaadThai with over 200,000 daily users.
  • Joining the online wholesale product distribution under the "TalaadThai Select" brand. Products are delivered to retail stores and restaurants in the Bangkok and Pathum Thani areas every day.
How do I bring products into the TalaadThai Market area?

To bring various agricultural products into the TalaadThai Market area, you need to sort and package the products according to the specified standard formats, such as baskets, crates, or mats, depending on the container size. 

Using different sizes of cargo vehicles, including 4-wheeled, 6-wheeled, or 10-wheeled vehicles, in order to deliver or distribute them within the TalaadThai Market area.

How are fees for bringing cargo vehicles into TalaadThai calculated?

TalaadThai calculates fees for bringing cargo vehicles into each market area by two means:

  1. Fees calculated by vehicle type
  2. Fees calculated by the number of goods containers
If you are interested in offering product, how can you contact us?

For those interested in offering product with us, we provide several convenient channels to get in touch with us, as follows: 

  • TalaadThai Market Office: Monday to Friday, from 8:30 AM to 6:30 PM. 
  • Email: [email protected] 
  • Tel 02-096-6462 
  • Or simply fill out the details in the form above and send it to us.
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