We offer professional labor and product handling services specialized for fresh wholesale markets and agribusiness. We provide trained and screened employees for our clients to assist with various agricultural tasks, including product handling, loading, sorting, sizing, trimming, and more. We prioritize quality and safety by rigorously screening our staff and conducting criminal background checks, ensuring your peace of mind. We stand by our commitment to deliver 100% customer satisfaction.
What types of services do we provide?
Foreign Labor Document Service
We offer consultation and issue resolution services to both employers and laborers, ensuring compliance with legal standards and equality.
Agricultural Product Handling Service
We provide handling and sorting services for agricultural products, including grading and sizing, using specialized labor and equipment.
Cleaning Service
We provide cleaning services for both office spaces and large-scale market buildings that demand specialized expertise.
Personal Shopper Service at TalaadThai
Our personal shoppers are here to help while you shop at TalaadThai. We provide care and ensure your purchases are delivered safely to your vehicle.
Open registration for foreign workers in 2023
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What is Thai Agro Service?

Every day, numerous farmers, buyers, and delivery drivers circulate in and out of the TalaadThai. To facilitate the convenience and speed of transporting agricultural products, TalaadThai provides transportation services and labor assistance to traders and buyers, ensuring that goods are transported promptly to meet the fast-paced trading conditions. This helps create a competitive advantage for your business, including services such as unloading goods from delivery trucks and containers, transporting goods to market stalls, sorting and arranging products by size, loading products onto buyers' vehicles, and many other services.

How many types of services does the company offer, and what are they?

The company offers services divided into four main types, as follows: 

  1. Foreign Labor Document Service (provided through a partnership) 
  2. Agricultural Product Handling Service 
  3. Cleaning Service
  4. Personal Shopper Service at TalaadThai
For whom is the foreign labor document service provided?

For foreign laborers employed/affiliated with employers,

  • The company offers consultation and document-related services for foreign laborers affiliated with employers or traders in the vicinity of TalaadThai. This includes services such as processing new travel documents, obtaining new work permits, extending visas, filing the 90-day check-in reports, changing employers, changing workplace locations, and notifying entry and departure, among others.

For umemployed foreign laborers,

  • Thai Agro Service offers employment to skilled foreign laborers who are ready to be trained in various service-related jobs associated with the wholesale agricultural market business through a fair and legally compliant registration process.
For whom is the freight transportation service provided?

For merchants renting commercial space in TalaadThai,

  • After registering as a merchant with TalaadThai, you can use the service to unload and transport your products to the market area. 
  • There is a ticketing process where you notify the quantity of products at your booth and then bring the products to the designated unloading area. The company will have staff available to assist at the unloading area.
  • Currently, the service is not available for other customers.

For other customers,

  • Currently, the service is not available for other customers.
How is the service charge for loading and unloading products?

The service fees differ in each market, determined by the type of vehicle transportation and the weight category of each product. 


For the Fruit Market: 

  • Product weight 0 - 15 kilograms: 1.50 Baht 
  • Product weight 15 - 25 kilograms: 2.00 Baht 
  • Product weight 25 - 35 kilograms: 3.50 Baht 
  • Product weight over 35 kilograms: 4.50 Baht 

For the Vegetable Market and Field Crop Market: 

  • Product weight 0 - 15 kilograms: 1.00 Baht 
  • Product weight 15 - 25 kilograms: 2.00 Baht 
  • Product weight 25 - 35 kilograms: 2.50 Baht 
  • Product weight over 35 kilograms: 4.00 Baht 

For the Vegetable Zone (charged based on vehicle type): 

  • 4-Wheel Half Truck: 80 Baht
  •  4-Wheel Full Truck: 100 Baht 
  • 6-Wheel Half Truck: 250 Baht 
  • 6-Wheel Full Truck: 270 Baht 
  • 10-Wheel Half Truck: 350 Baht
  • 10-Wheel Full Truck: 400 Baht 
  • 12-Wheel Half Truck: 350 Baht 
  • 12-Wheel Full Truck: 400 Baht
What should be done if products are damaged during the transportation service?

The company provides a 100% guarantee and compensates for the full value of any damage that occurs due to the company's operations.

For whom is the cleaning service provided?

For common area in TalaadThai,

  • The company serves in the common area in TalaadThai e.g. public toilet.

For other customers,

  • Currently, the service is not available for other customers.
For whom is personal shopping assistant service at TalaadThai provided?

For buyers at TalaadThai.

  •  The company offers personal shopping assistant services at TalaadThai, acting as your representative to make purchases according to your orders or accompanying you during your shopping within the market in product selection, handling, and delivering the items to your vehicle.
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