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Benefits from Renting at TalaadThai?
Strategic location. Center of agricultural product trade.
Hub of high-spending buyers from all over the country
Market layout thoughtfully designed for convenience
Full range of services, including logistics, to support trading
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How many types of rental spaces are there, and how do they differ?

Commercial spaces at TalaadThai are divided into 3 types as follows: 

  1. Annual Rental Space: Yearly contract having rental and service rates depending on the size of the area and the market type
  2. Seasonal Rental Space: Short-term contract having rental and service rates depending on the size of the area, product type, and seasonal of the product
  3. Rotating Slots: Daily ticket-based rentals, available for sale on a daily basis. This option is exclusive to the Vegetable market, Seasonal Fruit market, and Orange market
Is it true or not that there's a rumor going around that you can't find rental spaces anymore and you can only continue renting from current tenants?

Renting space in TalaadThai can only be done directly with the company. TalaadThai doesn't allow sublease or renting between tenants which will cause termination of such rental contract.


In cases the market you're interested is not available. We encourage you to sign up our waiting list, so company knows the demand and urgently allocate space accordingly. Once the space is available, our staff will invite you to join selection and rental process following policies and procedures.

Is it true that the rental fees at TalaadThai are high?

Rental fees depend on the location and position of the trading booth. If it's in a prime location with a high volume of customer traffic, the rental fee tends to be higher than other positions. Additionally, TalaadThai is the largest wholesale agricultural market in the region, situated in a strategically important area with the highest trade volume in the country. Comprehensive transportation and related services are provided, benefiting all business operators and stakeholders. Many tenants have been trading with TalaadThai for a long time, becoming like a part of the TalaadThai family. This demonstrates that the rental fees at TalaadThai are at a reasonable level, enabling tenants to conduct business and grow in the long term. 

Apart from the rental fee for the selling space, are there any additional fees that need to be paid?
  • Annual bidding fee 
  • Monthly rent
  • Common area fee
  • Public utilities expenses
  • Other expenses depending on the type of rental and the type of market
What should be done if you want to bring products into the TalaadThai market area?
  1. You must have products that meet the market's requirements, with a sufficient quantity for year-round or seasonal sales, and they must be of high quality.
  2. You must be prepared to personally sell the products or have family members manage the shop. If you intend to have employees to manage and sell the products on your behalf, they must be legal entities.
  3. Express your intention to become a trader at TalaadThai through online channels or apply directly at the main office or branch of TalaadThai, along with the required trader history documentation.
  4. Prepare government documents such as a copy of your ID card, copy of your household registration, photographs, and any other certifications related to the products (if applicable). Also, provide brief details about the source of the products you intend to sell, including existing customer bases.
How are fees for bringing cargo vehicles into TalaadThai calculated?

TalaadThai calculates fees for bringing cargo vehicles into each market area by two means:

  1. Fees calculated by vehicle type
  2. Fees calculated by the number of goods containers
I want to sell products at TalaadThai but don't have time to manage the store. What can I do?
  • Parents, spouse as per the marriage certificate, siblings, children, and daughters can engage in trading on your behalf. You can submit a power of attorney when registering as a trader, or later at TalaadThai office. 
  • Register as a legal entity so that employees can engage in trading on your behalf.
If you are interested in renting space, how can you contact us?

For those interested in renting space with us, we provide several convenient channels to get in touch with us, as follows: 

  • TalaadThai Market Office: Monday to Friday, from 8:30 AM to 6:30 PM. 
  • Email: [email protected] 
  • Tel 02-264-6264
  • Fill out the details in the form above and send it to us
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